Wadena County Humane Society

A Tax Deductible 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


310 Ash Avenue NW (Highway 10 west)

Wadena, MN 56482

Mailing Address:

Wadena County Humane Society

P.O. Box 248, Wadena, MN 56482

Please Join the Wadena County Humane Society

$15 Annual Individual Membership.
$25 Annual Family Membership.
$50 Annual Friend of the Humane Society Membership.
$100 Annual Supporting Membership.
$250 Annual Small Business Membership.
$450 Lifetime Membership per Individual.
$500 Annual Large Business Membership.

We are Funded by Generosity
Each year, the Wadena County Humane Society holds special events to raise money necessary to operate the animal shelter. All fundraising events are made possible with the generous donations from local volunteers, businesses, and the many event participants.

Donations in Memoriam: “Time passes for us all, and all must pass in time” 
In the passing of time, donations have been given both in memory of People to Remember and of Pets to Remember. The Wadena County Humane Society is appreciative of memorials given in honor of Beloved Family, Friends, and Pets. Please mail your Memoriam to: Wadena County Humane Society Memoriam Fund, P.O. Box 248, Wadena, MN 56482. Please include any information you wish concerning the Memoriam Donation.

We've never received a telephone call from a cat or dog asking for help!

Companion animals require the assistance of people to obtain the help they need. The animals are not able to call for help, they need the help of compassionate people to make the contacts, make the calls, and provide the services and support so the animals will receive the care they need. Like the animals, the Wadena County Humane Society depends on the support from compassionate people like you to help the animals. Your support can be provided in many ways, volunteering your services and time, offering materials to individual fundraising projects, offering your financial support, or simply being a member to stay in touch with the Humane Society projects. We are here to spread the word that the animals need your help. Please help to spread the word that animals need the help of people. Please Join Us!

Help the shelter build for the future.

The Wadena County Humane Society has a successful history of community service and support. This shelter and services have been built one volunteer, one garage sale, one fundraising dinner, one fundraising walk, and one donor at a time. Through these small donations, an animal shelter was built. This small animal shelter continues to grow, but help is necessary to meet the needs of this rural community. The Wadena County Humane Society will continue to offer services, support, education, humane animal sheltering and adoption services, employment opportunities and programs, community service options for community service sentences, and assistance to both animals and people in need. As the needs of the community grow, so must the shelter. The Wadena County Humane Society is more than just animals, the humane society is about people too. Please Help the Humane Society build for a greater future, please donate to the Shelter Expansion Project.

The Wadena County Humane Society


and BLUE BUFFALO Pet Foods

at the Humane Society Shelter with

all proceeds going to Help the Shelter.

Please call ahead if you have specific

items you wish to have in stock for purchase.